Wireless System Remote (WSR)

WSR APP 令您的 iOS 設備轉換成 ew D1 咪高峰的無線遙控制。單個或多個設備可以被配置,管理和監測。


ew D1

真正的實用和方便:對於音樂和舞台的工作中, WSR 應用程序可以配置,組織並監控所有 ew D1 無線鏈路的每一個細節。

ew D1


SpeechLine DW

SpeechLine 數字無線咪高峰,是專門為講師和主持人而設的解決方案: WSR 應用程序使您能夠跟踪所有無線鏈路的遠程操作。

SpeechLine DW


在任何時候都能以 WSR 應用程序監控重要的功能,如電池狀態,聲音層次和信號強度。 iPad 版甚至可讓您以 drag-and-drop 調整設置,包括表演者的照片更改,或19英寸機架上的安排。只需要以手指的移動便能改變一個或整組的無線電鏈路設置 。



將所有的接收器放置於理想的位置 - 並從你最方便的位置控制他們,無論是在調音台,製作辦公室,還是在舞台前。WSR 應用程快能讓你監控所有設置。WSR 可以為 ew D1 調整均衡器,聲音控制和輸出信號。 SpeechLine DW 用戶能夠優化男性或女性的聲音,創建配置文件,或開/關。






無論你於講台上或舞台上檢查信號強度,只需持有 iOS 設備,Walktest 模式將為你即時顯示傳輸質量 。



WSR 應用程序需要在 EW D1 和 SpeechLine DW 系統安裝最新的固件版本運作。於啟動時,它會自動檢測設備的固件,並提供更新(需要連接網路) 。



WSR APP 令您的 iOS 設備轉換成 ew D1 和 SpeechLine 數字無線咪高峰的無線遙控制。單個或多個設備可以被配置,管理和監測。

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  • In which GHz band should the router operate?

    • - The router should preferably operate in the 5 GHz band
      - If the router operates in the 2.4 GHz band, possible sources of interference such as WiFi or Bluetooth should be switched off.

  • On which iOS devices does the WSR app work?

    • - iPhone® 5+ / iPad® 2+ / iPad Air®

  • From which iOS version onwards does the WSR app work?

    • - 6+

  • On which Android devices does the WSR app work?

    • - The WSR app is currently not available for Android devices!

  • With which devices is the WSR app compatible?

    • - The WSR app has been specially developed for ew D1 and SpeechLine DW devices.

  • How does the WSR app differentiate between ew D1 and SpeechLine DW devices?

    • - SpeechLine DW menus have silver strips/bands and adjustable settings such as Sound Profile (male, female, customized) or Low Cut

      - Ew D1 menus have black strips/bands and adjustable settings such as Equalizer (presets or customized), De-Esser, Automatic Gain Control, Audio Output or Low Cut

  • How many devices can be managed simultaneously using the WSR app?

    • - Ew D1 series: up to 15 devices
      - SpeechLine DW series: up to 21 devices

  • The WSR app does not detect the ew D1 or SpeechLine DW devices – what can I do?

    • - Check the power supply and the cable connections (Ethernet).
      - Check the network setup (see also: “How do I set up my network?”)
      - Check the firewall settings of your router

  • The WSR app detects my ew D1 / SpeechLine DW device but does not connect to it – what can I do?

    • - The WSR app can only be used with devices that are running the latest firmware. If Internet access is available, you can update the firmware via the WSR app. (See also: “How do I update my ew D1 or SpeechLine DW devices?”)

  • What is the Multiselect function and how do I use it?

    • - This function facilitates the simultaneous configuration of multiple devices.
      - Ipad: The Multiselect function allows you to adjust audio settings for several devices simultaneously. (Please note that the Multiselect function does NOT work when ew D1 & SL DW devices are mixed together in a system).
      - Iphone: “Apply to all” function: One setting is applied to all other devices. Device selection is NOT possible.
      - All default values are displayed in orange when settings differ among devices,
      values are displayed in white when settings are identical on all devices.

  • Do I lose my WSR app settings if the app is switched off?

    • - No, all settings are retained and are applied to and stored in the receiver settings.

  • How do I update my ew D1 or SpeechLine DW devices?

    • - The devices can be updated via the WSR app. To do so, select a device and check the availability of an update via the “Device” menu item. If an update is available, you will be asked to download it.

  • Is there a master/slave available?

    • - No, there is no master/slave available. However, the last change made to a parameter becomes effective.
      - It is recommended to protect the wireless network with a password / to limit access to the wireless network.

  • How do I set up my network?

    • - Step 1 (Network settings):

      The mDNS function allows to automatically detect and display devices on your network.

      SpeechLine DW: mDNS has to be enabled on the SpeechLine DW receiver (Network Settings menu item  “mDNS”) so that the WSR app can detect the device and communicate with it.

      ew D1: mDNS is enabled by default

      - Step 2 (IP setup):

      Usually, DHCP is used in networks to automatically assign IP addresses. If DHCP is used, no further configuration is required.

      If DHCP is not available or if you have complex networks, please contact your network administrator who will configure the network including IP assignments.

      - Step 3 (Device setup):

      Receiver, router and WSR app device have to be in the same network. The receiver and the router have to be connected to each other via Ethernet cable, the WSR app device has to be connected to the router via WiFi.

      The WSR app automatically detects devices on the network and lists them.

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