SpeechLine Digital Wireless
IT-optimized wireless microphone
system for speech and lecture

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is a digital wireless microphone system for speech and lecture. It is designed and optimized for university and corporate use. Thanks to its broad product portfolio, the system is particularly versatile and can be adapted to the requirements of individual applications. Our goal was to make the daily work of IT and AV managers easier. With the introduction of the new SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver, SpeechLine Digital Wireless presents the perfect audio solution for IT integration.

System Benefits

Perfect IT integration

Introducing the Multi-Channel Receiver

The system supports the most common IT standards and integrates smoothly into your existing IT infrastructure. Numerous connection options including two ethernet connectors with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Dante™ make the system the ideal enhancement for your campus or corporate network. SpeechLine Digital Wireless can be operated as a stand-alone system or integratet into a 3rd party environment using our plug-ins and protocols.

Introducing the Multi-Channel Receiver

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    • Packed with stateof-the-art IT standards
      Equipped with the latest IT standards, the new SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver meets the demands of IT managers and integrators around the world. It provides IEEE 802.1X authentication for easy and safe network deployment as well as PoE and Dante™ straight out of the box.

      Compatible with existing IT & AV infrastructure
      Integrate the SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone system into any existing AV infrastructure, thanks to analogue audio outputs of the Multi-Channel Receiver and Rack Receiver. The multi-channel receiver also features an integrated auto mixer and digital audio outputs for effortless integration into your existing IT infrastructure through up to two Dante™ ports. Our 3rd party control protocols and plugins enable interoperability with other systems.

      Secure operation
      Secure operation With SpeechLine Digital Wireless, your confi dential conversations are encrypted with AES 256-bit and remain protected. Thanks to the IEEE 802.1X authentication, all SpeechLine Multi-Channel receivers can be easily and securely integrated into your network. The two RJ45 ports can be individually confi gured: split the control and audio to separate networks for more security or use both ports in a redundant Dante™ network for maximum reliability. Manage your Dante™ setup securely with the Dante Domain Manager™.

Seamless setup & maintenance

SpeechLine Digital Wireless makes your daily work easier.

With Sennheiser Control Cockpit, you will always have a complete overview and control of your campus-wide setups. Time-consuming manual workflows such as checking battery levels can be completed digitally in no time. Advanced system automation eliminates the need for manual frequency and interference management. This makes SpeechLine Digital Wireless a real time and money saver.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless makes your daily work easier.

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    • Remote control & troubleshooting
      Sennheiser Control Cockpit gives you full overview and control of all devices in your entire campus-wide setup at all times. Use the Monitoring View, for example, to monitor all relevant information about your devices in any room in real time. Remote maintenance makes it easy to identify and resolve problems such as forgotten mute switches. The notifi cation function automatically sends you information about critical events, such as low battery levels, via e-mail or SMS, and allows you to react before a failure occurs.

      Advanced System Automatics
      The advantages of a digital wireless system are demonstrated by our advanced system automatics. For easiest set-up, Automatic Frequency Management performs an on-site real-time scan on startup to fi nd free frequencies. During operation, Automatic Interference Management changes seamlessly to a free channel in case of frequency disturbances. Manual voice level adjustment is no longer necessary thanks to Automatic Audio Level Management.

      Multi-room mode
      SpeechLine Digital Wireless features two operating modes. The Automatic Mode ensures the simplest startup and a reliable, maximum range for up to 20 simultaneously used links (dependent on regional regulations). In Multi-Room Mode, the transmission power is adjusted to the room size to allow infi nite scaling options from small meeting rooms to large campus-wide setups.

Always ready to go

It simply works – everytime.

The perfect microphone system simply works, everytime. The use of SpeechLine Digital Wireless requires no introduction or explanation. As soon as the microphone is taken out of the network monitored charging station, it is immediately ready to use. With a battery life of 15 hours, the microphones are ready for even the longest workday.

It simply works – everytime.

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    • Outstanding Battery Management
      With SpeechLine Digital Wireless, empty batteries are a thing of the past. With 15+ hours of battery life, SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphones are ready for even the longest working day. The network charger serves as a convenient storage device for the microphones that are currently not in use. Sennheiser Control Cockpit provides a full overview of the battery status of all microphones on the campus at all times.

      Dedicated to speech
      SpeechLine Digital Wireless is made for the spoken word. Speech optimized Sennheiser microphone capsules and built-in equalizers with presets for female and male voices ensure optimal speech intelligibility in every situation. The SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver automatically mixes multiple speakers at the same time with an integrated Automatic Audio Level Management so that each person can be clearly understood.

      No hardware interaction required
      All SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphones are very easy to use. The presenter simply takes the microphone out of the charging station and is immediately ready to go. The end user does not need to have access to the receiver. Avoid classic user errors by installing the receiver in a not publicly accessible location. For the Rack Receiver, for example, this would be a lockable IT or AV rack. The Multi-Channel Receiver can be mounted easily and unobtrusively on the wall or ceiling.

A future-proof investment

Save time and money, now and in the future.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless operates in the license free 1.9 GHz frequency band and is a future-proof investment. The free Sennheiser Control Cockpit opens up an important path to your future. Digital workfl ows for monitoring and controlling your entire system help you to reduce maintenance and servicing costs.

Save time and money, now and in the future.

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    • License-free 1.9 GHz
      SpeechLine Digital Wireless uses the license-free 1.9 GHz frequency range. This RF standard is also used by wireless telecommunications systems and is considered the most future-proof frequency band for wireless microphone systems.

      No additional hardware needed
      Save money on additional hardware with SpeechLine Digital Wireless. Use the integrated DSP with an EQ and included presets for male and female voices. MultiChannel Receiver features an auto-mixer and built-in antennas.

      A true cost saver
      Reduce your staff costs for maintenance and servicing of your microphone system. With the free of charge Sennheiser Control Cockpit, time-consuming, manual workfl ows are now digitalized. What used to require manual operation on site can now be performed from anywhere at the touch of a button. The larger the setup, the greater the potential for savings.

All Benefits at a glance


  • What kind of transmitters are available?

    • For the SpeechLine Digital Wireless Series there are 5 transmitters available:
      - SL Handheld DW
      - SL Bodypack DW
      - SL Tablestand 133-S DW (with 3 pin XLR for gooseneck mics)
      - SL Tablestand 153-S DW (with 5 pin XLR gooseneck mics)
      - SL Boundary 114-S DW

  • How many microphones can be used in one room?

    • Depending on the regional regulations it is possible to get up to 20 microphones in one room. With the Multi-room option the channel number can be increased.

  • I want to use SpeechLine in several rooms, how can I increase the number of microphones?

    • For this case SpeechLine Digital Wireless offers the possibility to adjust the transmitting power. By selecting the corresponding room size it is possible to get as many mircophones in your building as needed. To get the right and secure value the "Walk Test" can support you.

  • Which RF frequency range is used in SpeechLine Digital Wireless?

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless is using DECT range, which is well known from telephone market. Due to this fact the use of SpeechLine Digital Wireless is future proved and license free.

  • Do I need a license to use SpeechLine Digital Wireless?

    • No, the 1G9 DECT range is license free.

  • How big is the latency?

    • The latency of SpeechLine is 19 ms, which is an applicable value for speech.

  • How do I connect my transmitter and receiver?

    • To connect a transmitter to a rack receiver you have to press and hold the pair button on each device until the LED starts to blink red and green. For connecting a transmitter with a SL MCR DW press the pair button of the dedicated channel in Sennheiser Control Cockpit and press and hold the pair button at the transmitter until the LED starts to blind red and green.

  • Which audio outputs do I have?

    • To make the audio connection as easy and flexible as possible we provide several options. On the SL Rack Receiver DW we are offering XLR, TRS and phone jack as audio outputs. On the SL MCR DW all channels are available digital via DANTE and thanks to the integrated auto mixer also analog by using a 3- pin Phoenix 3.81.mm connector.

  • Which batteries can I use?

    • The transmitter have an lithium ion battery in the delivery with which a transmitter can work up to 18h (depending on the device).

  • How can I use more than two receivers?

    • For the case that more than two SL Rack Receivers DW are needed please use the AWM 2 or AWM 4 together with our combiner SL PASC 2 or SL PASC 4.

  • What kind of antennas are avaiable?

    • As remote antenna the AWM 2 and AMW 4 is recommended. You can use one receiver with the AWM 2 and two receivers with the AWM 4. Together with a combiner the number of receivers can be increased. In any case additional cables are needed.

  • How do I charge the transmitters?

    • We are offering 3 different chargers:
      - CHG 2 a two bay charger for handheld and bodypack
      - CHG 4N a four bay network charger for handheld and bodypack
      - CHG 2W a two bay inductive charger for tablestand and boundary.
      In addition the battery BA 10 (handheld) and BA 30 (body pack) can be charged via USB.

  • Is there a possibility to monitor SpeechLine Digital Wireless?

    • With the Sennheiser Control Cockpit the receiver and the CHG 4N can be monitored and controlled remotely.

  • Does the receiver support DHCP?

    • Yes, the receiver supports DHCP, Automatic IP and fixed IP. The Network mode can be adjusted in the receivers menu.

  • Which headsets and lavaliers can be used with SL Bodypack DW?

    • You can use any headset or lavalier from Sennheiser. We recommend to use the SL Headmic 1 or MKE 1.

  • How do I make a firmware update?

    • The firmware update is done via the Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software. As soon as a receiver has been upgraded to a new firmware the update of the portable transmitter will be done automatically when paired. In addition a transmitter can be upgraded via the Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software and the the CHG 4N.

  • What is the difference between Master and Follower receiver?

    • To get the maximum number of microphones it is necessary to synchronize them with each other. Therefore, a master is needed, which controls all other microphones (follower).
      If you are using SL MCR DW the Master/Follower set up is done automatically.
      Please note: Any change on the Master/ Follower set up can only be done while the transmitters are switched off.

      If you are using only SL Rack Receiver DW please follow the steps below to ensure a valid Master / Follower configuration for your system:

      - Prepare and connect the antennas (if needed with AMW 4 and combiner)
      - Switch on one receiver and pair a transmitter. Wait until the LED at the receiver turns to green. This microphone will become the Master.
      - Switch on all other receivers, while the Master receiver is still on. All other microphones will become a follower automatically.

      IMPORTANT: As soon as the Master / Follower configuration has been done all receivers have to be switched on at the same time e.g. via a power strip.

  • Do I have any kind of security feature?

    • Yes, the connection of a transmitter to a receiver is always AES 256 encrypted. The SL MCR DW offers the possibility to use IEEE 802.1x authentication for secured network deployment.

  • What kind of antenna cables do I use?

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless is using Reverse-SMA connectors due to regulatory reasons at the SL Rack Receiver DW. Sennheiser is offering RG-58 antenna cables in 1m, 5m 10m and 20m. A length higher than 20m is not recommended because the cable attenuation will be too high.

  • Does SpeechLine Digital Wireless supports Media Control systems?

    • Yes, SpeechLine Digital Wireless is using the Sennheiser Sound Protocol, which can be used for programming a media control system. Furthermore, Plug-Ins for Crestron and QSC are available.

  • What does "automatic Gain" mean?

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless adjusts the sensitivity at the microphone automatically to the most convenient level. That means you don't have to take care about gain anymore.

  • How do I set up the IP address of a receiver?

    • The IP address can be set manually or automatically via DHCP. Furthermore, IPv6 and mDNS is supported.

  • How do I change the network mode at the SL MCR DW?

    • Changing the network modes can be done via Sennheiser Control Cockpit or the Dante Controller from Audinate. In Sennheiser Control Cockpit select the SL MCR DW and browse to the Network settings tab. There any network setting incl. the network mode can be changed. In Dante Controller as soon as the SL MCR DW is selected go to the “network config” tab and select the required mode in the drop-down menu. Please note: A restart of the SL MCR DW is required after changing the mode.

  • Is PoE daisy chained in the single cable mode?

    • No, PoE is not daisy chainable. For the case a second SL MCR DW an additional PoE injector is required. The audio and network data are daisy chained.

  • Which PoE class is used with SL MCR DW?

    • IEEE 802.3af Class 3.

  • Is it possible to use SL MCR DW and SL Rack Receiver DW in the same room?

    • Yes, that’s possible. We recommend switching on one SL MCR DW first to ensure, that this device become a Master. Afterwards any other Receiver can be switched on and will automatically be a Follower. Depending on the regional regulations up to 20 channels in one room can be used.

  • Why do I have the down mix digital and analog?

    • The automatic mixing of all audio channels offers the possibility to use up to 4 channels of Speechline Digital Wireless even if only one input channel is left in the DSP or audio mixer. To be as flexible as possible the down mix signal is available digital via Dante as well as analog. Due to this the integration of Speechline in existing infrastructures is very easy. The audio signal is equal on both outputs, but the level can be adjusted separately in Sennheiser Control Cockpit.

  • What is the maximum cable length for network cables?

    • The SL MCR DW is a network device and therefore the same recommendation as for any other network equipment is valid. Depending on the quality of the network cable up to 100m can be used.

  • Does SpeechLine support AES 67?

    • Yes the SL MCR DW supports AES 67. You can activate this function by using the Dante Controller. Use the AES 67 config Tab and enable AES 67. Make sure, that the RTP Multicast address prefix is the same on any device (default: 69).

  • Can I integrate SpeechLine Digital Wireless in my Dante Domain Manger?

    • Yes, the SL MCR DW is ready to use with the Dante Domain Manager.


  • 固件升級
    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.1 (SL Rack Receiver DW) (1.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.1 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.0 (SL Rack Receiver DW) (1.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.0 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.2 (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW) (7.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.2 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.2 (SL Rack Receiver DW) (1.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.2 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • CHG 2N / CHG 4N - Firmware Update v2.0.3 (220 KB) 下載

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.0 (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW) (7.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.0 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware 4.1 (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW) (7.1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 4.1 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW)

    • CHG 2N / CHG 4N - Firmware Update v3.0.0 (220 KB) 下載

  • 應用軟件
    • Sennheiser Control Cockpit 6.0.1 下載

      Installer for Sennheiser Control Cockpit release 6.0.1

  • Digital Brochures
    • Product brochure Sennheiser Control Cockpit (2.1 MB) 下載

    • Digital Brochure SpeechLine Digital Wireless (6.3 MB) 下載

  • 用戶指導手冊
    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (PDF) (15 MB) 下載

      Printable PDF version of the interactive system documentation of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series.

    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (HTML) 下載

      Information on the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system and instructions on how to install and operate the components of SpeechLine Digital Wireless

    • 软件帮助 Sennheiser Control Cockpit 6.0.1 (HTML) 下載

      Information on how to install, open and use the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software. Includes information on how to control and monitor the following Sennheiser products in the Control Cockpit: Evolution Wireless Digital, SpeechLine Digital Wireless, TeamConnect Ceiling 2, evolution wireless G3 & G4, Digital 6000 and MobileConnect.

  • 特性列表
    • System Specification - SpeechLine Digital Wireless (1.4 MB) 下載

    • Product Specification Sennheiser Control Cockpit 6.0.1 (940 KB) 下載

    • Product specification - SL MCR DW (230 KB) 下載

  • Application Notes
    • Planning and setting up single-room and multi-room installations with SpeechLine Digital Wireless (270 KB) 下載

      Information on setting up SpeechLine Digital Wireless in multiple rooms or locations using the Multi-Room Mode.

    • Antenna solutions and recommendations on antenna mounting for the SL Rack Receiver DW (1.8 MB) 下載

      Important information and recommendations on the use of antennas with the SL Rack Receiver DW of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series

  • 3rd Party Integration
    • Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (490 KB) 下載

      Sennheiser Sound Control Protocol - Developer's guide for SL Rack Receiver DW (Firmware 4.0.0), SL Multi-Channel Receiver DW (Firmware 4.0.0), CHG 2N (Firmware 2.0.3) and CHG 4N (Firmware 2.0.3) of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series.

    • 3rd party control of Sennheiser products using media control protocols (210 KB) 下載

    • Q-Sys control plug-in SpeechLine Digital Wireless (130 KB) 下載

    • Crestron Module SpeechLine Digital Wireless (7.3 MB) 下載

  • 快速指南
    • Quick Guide SpeechLine Digital Wireless (3.1 MB) 下載

      Online version of the printed quick guide for first steps using SpeechLine Digital Wireless. For SL Rack Receiver DW, SL Handheld DW, SL Bodypack DW

    • Quick Guide SL Tablestand 133-S DW, SL Tablestand 153-S DW, SL Boundary DW, CHG 2W (3.5 MB) 下載

      Online version of printed quick guide for the SpeechLine Digital Wireless products: SL Tablestand 133-S DW, SL Tablestand 153-S DW, SL Boundary 114-S DW, CHG 2W

    • Quick Guide - SL MCR DW (1 MB) 下載

  • White Papers
    • Digital Workflows by Sennheiser - software-supported workflows designed for the daily business routine (740 KB) 下載

      How to save time, cost and hassle with software-supported workflows

    • Overview of the Digital Workflows by Sennheiser (120 KB) 下載


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