MKE 400
Compact shotgun mic for cameras with a lighting shoe mount and external microphone input. Maximum side noise rejection. Rugged all-metal housing.

MKE 400
物品編號 502047

MKE 400 是一款主要用於視頻聲音拾取短槍式咪高峰,外形小巧靈活,結構堅固耐用。適用於配置燈光熱靴固定支架,並帶有外接咪高峰輸入接口的照相機,以實現最佳的錄音效果。

  • 堅固的全金屬外殼

  • 最大化側邊雜訊抑制,為視頻錄製做了優化

  • 根據距離長短,對靈敏度進行切換

  • 可切換的空氣雜訊篩檢程式

  • 大約300小時的工作時間(一支AAA電池)

  • 完整防震結構,抑制操作雜訊

  • 包含防風罩

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  • MKE 400及卷纜(3.5 mm立體聲迷你插口)
  • 1節電池 (size AAA)
  • 1 防風罩

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Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Will the MKE 400 plug into my iPhone?
    No. The MKE 400 is designed for use with devices like a DLSR cameras. Apple devices utilize a specific wiring configuration.

  • How long will the battery of the MKE 400 last?
    A single AA battery will provide approximately 300 hours of operating time.

  • What does the low cut filter do on the MKE 400 do?
    The low cut filter limits the pick up of low frequencies and helps reduce wind noise.

  • What does the sensitivity setting on the MKE 400 do?

    The sensitivity setting helps adjust for different noise environments and different camera sensitivity settings.

    For loud sound circumstances or if connecting to a camera with extremely high input sensitivity the sensitivity setting would need to be set to the normal sensitivity (ie: left position). For extremely quiet sound circumstances or if connecting to a camera with low input sensitivity the sensitivity switch would need to be set to the high sensitivity position (ie: right position).


  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of conformity MKE 400 (1.1 MB) 下載

  • 特性列表
    • Product specification MKE 400 (120 KB) 下載

  • 用戶指導手冊
    • Instruction manual MKE 400 (260 KB) 下載