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MKH 416-P48U3
Short shotgun interference tube mic for film, radio, and television, especially for outside applications. Excellent directivity and compact design.
物品編號 001511

MKH416 P 48 U 3是一款短小精緻的干涉電子管麥克風。卓越的方向性和精巧的設計,穩定的高清晰度和反饋噪聲抑制功能使得MKH 416成為適用於電影、廣播和電視領域的全能型麥克風,尤其適用於室外廣播。我們同時還提供MKH 416 TU-3,使用12 V AB(T)電源。

  • 應用乾涉電子管原理提高方向性

  • 極低的自感噪音

  • 極高的靈敏度

  • 無變壓和全無定位對稱輸出

  • 堅固耐用,適合於各種惡劣的天氣條件

  • 磨砂黑,全金屬外殼

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  • 1支MKH 416 P 48 U 3麥克風
  • 1個MZW 415防風罩

Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Why won’t the MKH 416 work with the recording device I connected to?
    The MKH 416 is a condenser microphone that requires 48V Phantom Power to operate.  The device you are connecting to must provide the 48V Phantom Power. If you connect to a device that is not providing 48V Phantom Power then the MKH 416 will not operate.

  • Does the MKH 416 require 48V Phantom Power?
    The MKH 416 is a condenser microphone and does require 48V Phantom Power to operate.

  • What is the maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for the MKH 416?
    The maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for the MKH 416 is 130 dB.


  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of conformity MKH series (220 KB) 下載

  • 特性列表
    • 产品数据页 MKH 416 (190 KB) 下載

  • 用戶指導手冊
    • Instruction Manual - MKH 416 (260 KB) 下載

    • Instruction manual - Windscreens and Accessories (1.8 MB) 下載

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