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Three times a winner: Sennheiser’s RS, URBANITE and SPORTS models win prestigious Red Dot Award

Sennheiser received the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2015 for their new models of the SPORTS and RS ranges as well as for their URBANITE series. The Red Dot seal is awarded annually to products which stand out from the competition due to their high design quality and innovative character. In total, the international jury of designers, design professors and specialised journalists assessed 4,928 products, submitted by nearly 2,000 candidates from across 56 countries.

Robust urban design
The headphones of the URBANITE series impressed the Red Dot jury with their robust and fresh design. Available since September 2014, the on-ear model URBANITE and the over-ear variant URBANITE XL deliver a rich bass for an intense club-like experience on the move. Stainless-steel hinges, a robust folding and sliding mechanism and super soft ear pads ensure great durability and maximum comfort. The colour-coordinated, fabric-covered headbands on both variants round off the urban look of these headphones which were designed in collaboration with the creative agency designaffairs in Munich.

Individual comfort for working out
Sennheiser also received a Red Dot Award for the new models of the SPORTS series which were launched at CES in January. The MX 686 SPORTS, CX 686 SPORTS, PMX 686 SPORTS and OCX 686 SPORTS, which were also developed in collaboration with designaffairs, deliver excellent sound and individual comfort for indoor and outdoor sporting activities. These headphones won over the jury with their rugged ergonomic design that conforms to the body whilst securing maximum freedom of movement for anyone determined to push their sporting ambition to the limit. All four SPORTS models feature reinforced, tangle-free oval cables, with cable sleeves that also reduce structure-borne noise. Carefully selected high-tech materials ensure great wearing comfort, water resistance, durability and maximum hygiene.

Functional aesthetics and excellent wearing comfort
Sennheiser’s new digital wireless models RS 175, RS 185 and RS 195 also received a Red Dot Award, which recognises their clear design language and functional aesthetics. The wireless headphones and transmitters were developed in collaboration with Brennwald Design in Kiel. Their ergonomic shape and around-ear design ensures excellent wearing comfort for even long periods of use, making the new RS models perfect companions for enjoying music and movies at home. Moreover, the RS 195 can also help address specific personal hearing needs. Dedicated pre-sets and modes can increase speech intelligibility and tailor the sound to the user’s preferences to enhance the listening experience, whether watching TV or listening to music.

Impeccable sound quality and excellent design
To Oliver Berger, Global Design Manager at Sennheiser, the company’s success at this year’s Red Dot Awards is a testimony to Sennheiser’s high product standards: “When developing our headphones, we attach great importance not only to their impeccable sound quality, but also to the choice of materials, the design and workmanship. This is why we are particularly delighted to have received these awards.”

In addition to the Red Dot Award, the wireless models RS 175, RS 185 and RS 195 and the URBANITE series already received the prestigious iF Design Award for outstanding product design in February 2015.

About the Red Dot Award: Product Design
The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the world’s largest design competitions, seeing almost 5,000 entries from 56 countries in 2015. Every year, the international jury awards the coveted Red Dot seal exclusively to products which stand out from comparable entries due to their excellent design or innovative character. The expert jury evaluates the submitted products in a total of 31 categories based on their degree of innovation, ergonomics, product periphery, functionality, durability, self-explanatory quality, formal quality, symbolic and emotional content as well as their ecological compatibility.



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