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09/06/2016 Wedemark/Basel

Shape the Future of Audio Party takes guests into the next dimension

For the 200 VIP guests attending Sennheiser’s Shape the Future of Audio Party in Basel, the thrill of experiencing a live set from renowned DJ and producer Robin Schulz will take on a whole new dimension – quite literally. The set will be held at a special event ahead of the public opening of the prestigious Art Basel show. It will be one of the first to be performed using AMBEO, the new 3D audio technology from Sennheiser, which will let the guests party while entirely immersed in sound. Robin Schulz became a global star within short time and has strongly influenced the world of pop and club-music. The superstar has officially been announced as one of the international most successful German artists of the last two decades. At the Future of Audio party he will premier his all-new song ‘More than a friend’ (feat. Nico Santos) specially written for Sennheiser and recorded and mixed using AMBEO.

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The Shape the Future of Audio Party is an exclusive event held by Sennheiser on June 15 at Basel’s Ostquai to mark the audio specialist’s role as Official Audio Partner of the prestigious Art Basel art fair. Guests will be treated to a club experience with a difference: one of the very first opportunities to experience Sennheiser’s groundbreaking AMBEO technology in a club environment.

“At Art Basel we are celebrating the role of sound in the arts both now and into the future,” said Dr. Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser.

“We are very proud to work with artists from across the spectrum of creative endeavor and at Art Basel we will be bringing this diversity to life – from partying with Robin Schulz on the dancefloor to using microphones to elevate the works of Swiss sound artist Zimoun. We believe that the pursuit of perfect sound transcends cultural boundaries”, explains Daniel Sennheiser, co-CEO of Sennheiser.

The evening will kick off with a set from French DJ and producer Hugel, an acclaimed artist in his own right who has toured with Robin Schulz – a musical relationship that is the perfect build-up to the headline performance. At 11 pm, Robin Schulz will take to the turntables for a live set that will be quite unlike anything he’s ever done before: Starting off in standard stereo, the set will then transform into AMBEO 3D audio at the stroke of midnight, with the debut of his new music track ‘More than a friend’ (feat. Nico Santos) that Schulz has written exclusively for Sennheiser and recorded and mixed using AMBEO. The new song will be a watershed moment where guests will experience a literal expansion of sound.

Warner Music/WePLAY artist Robin Schulz explains the difference immersive audio makes: “When you play music in a club, it is always about sound, space and emotion. As a DJ, you want to make the whole room come alive. With AMBEO all these elements are truly taken to the next level. I remember how amazed I was the first time I heard AMBEO – the speaker system surrounds you in every direction, and in all three dimensions. AMBEO gives sound back its natural immersive character and creates a new, spatial sound experience. There’s no longer a sweet spot where it all sounds good – it’s the same perfect experience everywhere. That way you can move and dance and always feel every part of the musical experience. It’s the difference between being in a room with the music and being in the music. I’m really excited to be one of the first DJs to be able to make use of this incredible innovation. As both a producer and fan of music, I think this leap forward in sound development has huge potential – from the club to headphones to the home.”

For Sennheiser, the step into 3D audio is a change akin to the move from mono to stereo. Andreas Sennheiser explains why the party is an important way to showcase this technical leap forward: “Our vision is to Shape the Future of Audio, and AMBEO is a significant innovation that – quite literally – gives shape to sound. But like great art, the incredible difference of AMBEO is something that you need to experience. We are truly thrilled to be collaborating with Robin Schulz to make this possible for our guests at Art Basel.”

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