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05/02/2019 Wedemark/Amsterdam


At NAMM 2019, Sennheiser has announced that its brand-new SK 6212 mini-bodypack transmitter, part of the award-winning Digital 6000 wireless microphone series, will be shipping from March. Designed for multi-channel audio applications in the fields of broadcasting, (musical) theatre and live audio, but also an ideal choice for corporate, education and presentation purposes, the mini-transmitter is lightweight, spectrum-efficient and offers rock-solid digital transmission with high-quality audio.

Setting a new standard: the Sennheiser SK 6212 digital mini-bodypack transmitter
The SK 6212 is fitted with a removable lithium-polymer battery (BA 62) that ensures an operating time of 12 hours. Recharging is via the L 6000 rack-mount charger using the pictured LM 6062 charging module
“A decade ago, Sennheiser’s SK 5212 set a standard globally, being the smallest professional UHF microphone transmitter available at the time ,” remembers Tom Vollmers, Senior Product Manager Pro Audio. “With the digital SK 6212, we are opening a new chapter. We have developed this mini-transmitter hand in glove with our pro audio key customers, and the result is a new standard: compact, spectrum-efficient, and with a long battery life.”

The mini bodypack is only about 63 x 47 x 20 millimeters in size and weighs approx. 112g including the battery, making it totally unobtrusive and easy to hide from view. Added to this are comfortably rounded corners and edges plus a flexible, replaceable antenna, making the SK 6212 easy on delicate clothing. An additional inner sealing in the transmitter ensures a good level of moisture resistance. Moreover, there is no more stress with battery life: The SK 6212’s rechargeable lithium-polymer battery has a spectacular operating time of 12 hours.

Like the other transmitters in the Digital 6000 series, SK 6212 transmits free from intermodulation, which means that the transmission frequencies can simply be placed in a spectrum-efficient, equidistant grid – no calculation needed, just scanning for free spectrum, and no blocking of the scarce spectrum by intermods.

Sound engineers will value the fact that despite its miniature size, the transmitter offers a fully-fledged user interface with an OLED display and function buttons. The SK 6212’s BA 62 lithium-polymer battery can be removed and recharged in the Digital 6000 rack-mount charger via the dedicated LM 6062 charging module. 

On the audio side of things, the miniature bodypack uses the purpose-designed, proprietary SeDAC audio codec – the same DAC as used in the high-end Digital 9000 wireless system. As part of the Digital 6000 family, the SK 6212 is compatible with 6000 series receivers – including the analogue/digital EK 6042 camera receiver – and the receiver of the Digital 9000 series.

Tom Vollmers: “The SK 6212 will allow users to fully concentrate on the task at hand because it can be barely felt when worn, and gives the engineer peace of mind thanks to its reliable transmission, great audio and long operating time.”

Technical data

Transmission: digital modulation, LR mode, recommended min. frequency
spacing for equidistant grid: 400 kHz in standard mode
Audio codec: proprietary SeDAC
Frequency ranges: A1-A4: 470.200 - 558.000 MHz;
A5-A8: 550.000 - 638.000 MHz,
B1-B4: 630.000 - 713.800 MHz,
A5-A8 US: 550.000 - 607.800,
B1-B4 AU: 630.000 - 693.800
Switching bandwidth: up to 88 MHz
RF output power: standard mode: 15 mWrms; low-power mode: 3.5 mWrms
Frequency stability: < 5 ppm
Tunability: in steps of 25 kHz
Encryption: AES 256
Mic input: 3-pin audio socket
Antenna output: co-axial socket
Audio frequency response: 30 Hz – 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Audio gain: Mic: adjustable in steps of 3 dB from -6 dB to +42 dB
Total harmonic distortion: typ. 0.002% (at 0 dBU input level, 0 dB gain, 1 kHz)
Signal-to-noise ratio: typ. 113 dB(A)
Input impedance: (mic) 47 kΩ / 12 kΩ bias resistor
Lower cut-off frequency (-3 dB): adjustable: 30 Hz, 60 Hz, 80 Hz, 100 Hz, 120 Hz
Operating time: typ. 12 hrs at 25 °C
Operating temperature range: -10 °C to +55 °C
Size: approx. 63 x 47 x 20 mm
Weight: approx. 112 g including battery and antenna
Battery type: rechargeable lithium-polymer battery




Visit Sennheiser at ISE, Hall 2, Stand No. B-50.



Global Contacts

Stephanie Schmidt
Professional Systems
Tel: +49 5130 600 1275

Local Contacts

Victoria Chernih
Tel: +44 1628 402234

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