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17/10/2017 Wedemark/Nuremberg


At the International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA), held on 18-20 October in Nuremberg, Sennheiser, the leader in the European TV headphone market, is expanding its Hearing Care portfolio with the launch of the new Set 880 and Set 860 assistive listening devices. Made in Germany, the new headphone models harness leading-edge wireless technology to deliver crystal clear, enhanced sound and the ultimate in everyday fuss-free usability. Designed for those who wish to tailor their audio experience to suit their personal hearing needs, they ensure a brilliant sound experience when listening to speech and music, for enhanced enjoyment of TV and radio.

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The new Set 880 and Set 860 models will be launched at the 62nd International Congress of Hearing Aid Acousticians (EUHA). As a leading international forum bringing together the leaders in scientific research, professional clinicians and experts in assisted hearing technologies, EUHA is an ideal venue to showcase these advanced solutions. Sennheiser has drawn on more than 70 years of extensive audio experience and the latest technologies to provide crystal clear, boosted sound, with the ultimate in everyday usability and durability. Thanks to digital wireless technology, the Set 880 and Set 860 allow for freedom of movement within a range of up to 70 metres. Their attractive, intuitive design features fewer, larger buttons and auto functions, making the assistive listening devices straightforward to set up and use.

“The Set 880 and Set 860 ensure that users can always get the most out of their listening experience, even as their individual hearing needs continue to change,” said Irene Strüber, Portfolio Manager Audio Applications at Sennheiser. “At Sennheiser, we pride ourselves on tailoring our products to the individual needs of our customers and the new Set models are no exception.”

Enhanced, adjustable sound experience with speech intelligibility feature

The new Set models deliver an enhanced sound experience. To optimize speech and music, the Set 860 features three hearing profiles, while the Set 880 model offers five profiles to tailor the sound to the customer’s needs and preferences. Users can easily adjust the left and right volume according to individual preference via a balance control button on the receiver. Additionally, the Set 880 also enables users to toggle seamlessly between two connected audio sources – for example, TV and radio.

A unique Speech Intelligibility feature helps to boost speech clarity dynamically, reducing TV background noise that may interfere with the dialog. This is simply activated by a dedicated button on the headset. Similarly, it is also very easy to adjust the volume for each ear individually via a button on the docking station.

High quality and intuitive design

The new models are manufactured in Germany for brilliant durability, reliability and high quality. Both the Set 880 and 860 have ergonomic below-the-chin headsets that ensure superior wearing comfort even during longer listening sessions which are made possible by the 18-hour battery life. The attractive wireless base station shares the sleek, modern looks of the headsets, with a design that has been created to complement modern home entertainment systems. When charging the durable integrated batteries, this unit serves as a smart docking station that lets the headset and receiver lie in a compact and tidy horizontal position.

Both Set models anticipate user behavior by automatically turning on the receiver when needed and powering down when not in use. Clear LED indicators for wireless connection and battery status on the receiver and docking station complete an assistive listening system that is intuitive and simple to set up and use.

The new models are available as of now. Set 880 is priced at 299 EUR (MSRP), while Set 860 is priced at 249 EUR (MSRP).

Meet Sennheiser and experience the Set 880 and Set 860 at EUHA

To learn more about the new models, please visit Sennheiser in Hall 4a at Booth B19 at the 62nd EUHA Congress and Exhibition, held at the NürnbergMesse, between 18 and 20 October 2017. More information about EUHA is available from


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