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13/01/2016 Amsterdam/Wedemark

Sennheiser expands professional conferencing range at ISE 2016

Sennheiser will be participating at this year’s ISE, taking place from February 9-12 in Amsterdam. The audio specialist will be launching its new wireless conferencing solution, TeamConnect Wireless. One of two new additions to the TeamConnect family, TeamConnect Wireless delivers excellent sound quality and unmatched ease of use in a portable system for up to 24 participants. Sennheiser will also be launching TeamConnect Ceiling, an innovative ceiling mounted array microphone for fixed installations. Visitors to the Sennheiser booth (Hall 2, booth Nr. A45) can also experience the wide range of professional products for business communications and conferences, including its newly upgraded SpeechLine Digital Wireless microphone solutions, and Speakerphone series.

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ISE 2016 sees Sennheiser start the year with some compelling new additions to its already strong range of offerings for professional speech applications and business communications. Andy Niemann, Director Business Communication at Sennheiser explains: “Whether you are an audio engineer responsible for sound at a major conference, a manager seeking to set up more effective team conferences, or an individual demanding better sound from your business calls – we will be showcasing an exciting range of solutions that excel through innovative features, unparalleled ease of use and Sennheiser’s characteristic high quality audio performance.”

TeamConnect Wireless – Professional conferences anywhere and in no time
TeamConnect Wireless from Sennheiser is the first go anywhere, wireless audio conferencing solution that is so easy to use that literally any user can set up and host a conference for up to 24 people. The stylish portable solution is made up of four units linked by wireless DECT connections that allow the system to be set up in virtually any room or table set up.

TeamConnect Wireless allows users to connect their own smart device or computer wirelessly via Bluetooth, with NFC making pairing with compatible devices effortless. Wired connections are also possible via USB or jack cable, making it easy to use with virtually any phone. Uniquely, TeamConnect Wireless supports multiple simultaneous audio channels, so it is easy to bring additional callers into an ongoing conference by simply connecting another device. Visitors to the Sennheiser booth at ISE 2016 will be able to experience themselves how reassuring it can be when the conferencing solution does all the work, letting users concentrate on what matters most: a successful meeting.

Experience the entire TeamConnect family
TeamConnect Wireless is one of the newest arrivals in Sennheiser’s expanding family of easy to use, professional audio conferencing solutions – all of which will be on show and available for demonstrations at ISE 2016. Also making its debut at the expo is Sennheiser’s new ceiling microphone, TeamConnect Ceiling. Freeing users from the limitations of table mounted mics, the innovative fixed-installation, ceiling-mounted TeamConnect Ceiling microphone uses beamforming technology that automatically focuses on whichever person in the room is speaking, wherever they are sitting or standing, ensuring great sound quality and flexibility.

TeamConnect Ceiling expands on the original TeamConnect system, a fixed-installation conferencing system with on-and in-table microphones. The high quality Unified Communication solution is easily integrated into every existing room infrastructure making it the optimal tool for professional remote conferencing applications. The all in one solution TeamConnect is available in various bundles that are scalable to several room and team sizes.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless
Sennheiser will be presenting the latest developments in its SpeechLine Digital Wireless range at ISE 2016. New features demonstrated include a new multi-room functionality, which makes it possible to adjust the transmission power to address different scales of installations for simultaneous use of multiple systems on the license-free 1.9GHz frequency. Also, the range will be compatible with Audinate’s Dante Network Protocol to support audio-over-IP networks.

Plug in and Talk with Sennheiser’s Speakerphone series
Sennheiser’s Speakerphone series, SP 10 and SP 20, will also be on display and available for demonstration. Designed for the mobile business professional, the lightweight, portable conferencing solution facilitates personal and small group conference calls via PC or mobile/tablet with its user-friendly ‘plug in and talk’ simplicity and intuitive functionality. Certified for Skype for Business and optimized for major UC and softphone brands, Sennheiser’s stylish Speakerphones offer outstanding sound quality, voice clarity and echo cancellation to ensure a natural communication experience for speaker and listener alike.


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