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New Sennheiser headset solution facilitates hassle-free daily operations in contact centers, offices and hot desking environments

Sennheiser, a leading provider of premium headsets and speakerphones, today launches a new headset solution providing users of Sennheiser’s CIRCLE™ and CENTURY™ wired headsets with increased mobility and flexibility.

The new headset solution, which is certified for Skype for Business, consists of Sennheiser’s new USB-ED CC 01 MS adapter cable in combination with Sennheiser’s CIRCLETM and CENTURYTM headset variants¤. It enables a smooth and cost-effective transition to Unified Communications environments and ensures increased mobility and flexibility for contact center, office and hot desking employees.

“By complementing their existing CIRCLETM and CENTURYTM headsets with Sennheiser’s new adapter cable, organizations can now simplify their transition to a Unified Communications solution and maximize their return on previous investments,” said Lars Riis Rasmussen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, EMEA, at Sennheiser Communications. Contact centers, offices and hot desking environments will benefit from the new certified solution that has been designed to make daily operations easier while ensuring Sennheiser’s clear and natural sound experience.

Giovanni Mezgec, General Manager of Applications and Services Marketing at Microsoft said, “I am delighted to recognize Sennheiser’s continuous dedication to developing user-focused products for Skype for Business. The introduction of the latest certified headset solution will make life easier for many Skype for Business users. In addition, Sennheiser’s sound quality and wearing comfort will provide our mutual customers with a rich communication experience.”

Sennheiser’s new adapter cable is equipped with a durable Easy Disconnect plug that connects effortlessly to CIRCLETM and CENTURYTM headsets¤. A simple, quick-release mechanism provides a gentle alternative to plugging and unplugging headsets and since the adapter cable remains plugged into the users PC, it reduces the daily wear and tear on the delicate USB ports. Especially in contact centers and hot desking environments where teams often change shifts and multiple devices are in use, the Easy Disconnect plug helps extend product-life-cycles and cut replacement costs.

To increase mobility and flexibility, the adapter cable features a sleek, ergonomically-designed call control unit with a unique magnetic holder that allows easy fixing to the work desk and ensures seamless, fingertip call management. When disconnecting the headset via Easy Disconnect, calls are automatically put on hold, allowing personnel to leave their workstation, return and continue, or pass on the call. The highly practical cable is coiled to prevent the control unit from being pulled off of the desktop and to keep the work surface free of cable clutter.

The digital sound transmitted through the cable ensures the natural listening experience enabled by Sennheiser Voice Clarity. Its built-in equalizer automatically adjusts audio settings to optimize both the voice quality of calls and the user’s multimedia experience. Furthermore, Sennheiser’s ActiveGard™ technology helps protect users from acoustic shock and sound surges, while a Noise at Work limiter offers additional protection in compliance with EU legislation¤¤.

“We keep our focus on user and business needs in all aspects of our product development,” said Rasmussen. “Our new Skype for Business-certified headset solution is a good example of how we can help solve a wide range of these needs while ensuring the outstanding communication experience we promise to deliver.”

¤ Certified variants: SC 230 CIRCLE™, SC 260 CIRCLE™, SC 630 CENTURY™ and SC 660 CENTURY™
¤¤Directive 2003/10/EC

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