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12/09/2017 Wedemark/Zurich


The legendary Moods jazz club in Zurich has created a new streaming platform for its concerts – Offering both live streaming and video on demand, Moods’ new "Digital Concert Club" has already gained popularity and is now taking the concert experience to the next level: Until the end of the year, around 20 concerts will be provided in AMBEO 3D audio. Daniel and Andreas Sennheiser, co-CEOs of Sennheiser, and Claudio Cappellari, co-director of Moods promise that listeners can expect an immersive listening experience beyond compare.

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Like virtually no other live event, a jazz concert has a power to captivate its audience. With full bass sounds and the characteristic saxophone solos, jazz lovers care for every nuance and seek to immerse themselves in the sound of the bands. Until now, this authentic experience has been reserved for concertgoers only. And while there are live albums and concert recordings, conventional recording possibilities have never been able to truly reproduce the magic of such an evening.

This is what Sennheiser and Moods want to change with their collaboration: is the world's first streaming platform to offer concerts in AMBEO 3D audio. With this immersive format, the entire magic and the very special charm of a jazz concert can unfold in the living rooms of the subscribers.

“When recording jazz music, audio quality is a make or break factor for the listener’s audio experience,” said Claudio Cappellari, co-director of Moods. “Letting our online guests experience a concert live as if they had a seat on the stage itself – this is only made possible thanks to AMBEO 3D audio technology.”

“The importance of live streaming is growing continuously: more and more people are experiencing live events at home. With binaural AMBEO 3D recordings such a concert experience is incredibly real,” explained Daniel Sennheiser. Dr. Andreas Sennheiser added, ”With AMBEO, jazz enthusiasts all over the world can enjoy the sound of Mood’s high-calibre concerts as if they were in the club."

As captivating as the exciting live experience

To enable audio recording at the highest level, Moods uses Sennheiser’s “AMBEO for Binaural” solution. A Neumann KU 100 dummy head records the concert in the same way as a listener would experience it. The dummy head is fitted with two high-quality microphones in its 'ears', which capture the sound image in 3D. This binaural recording carries the complete spatial and ambient information, which is then reproduced unadulterated when listening via standard stereo headphones. The listener will enjoy a completely natural, transparent and spatial sound.

The on-stage microphones for the mastered stereo mix are used as spot microphones for the individual instruments in the AMBEO mix. Their signals are mixed with the dummy head recording, and positioned in a spatially correct manner with the help of AMBEO plug-ins.

Subscribers to can experience a new dimension of audio streaming from today, and, thanks to a trial listening offer, all jazz fans can listen in and enjoy a sample of world class music in incredible 3D audio.

About Moods

The Moods is a concert venue in Zurich that organizes daily jazz, world, funk, soul, pop and electro concerts during the season – with after-show parties on Fridays and Saturdays.
Moods organizes more than 350 concerts a year, featuring national and international bands, from stars to newcomers. For Swiss artists, the Moods is the stage to play on; more than half of the concerts are projects by national musicians with a strong focus on the local jazz scene. The “Jazzverein Moods” celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2017.

Local Press Contact

Soraja Hagspiel

Tel: +41 44 276 80 08


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Global Contacts

Stephanie Schmidt
Tel: +49 5130 600 1275

塑造未來音頻並為客戶創建獨特的聲音體驗-這就是Sennheiser全體員工和全球合作夥伴共同的目標。成立於1945年的Sennheiser一直是全球範圍內耳機、咪高峰和無線傳輸系統產品製造廠商中的佼佼者。公司在50多個國家中擁有21個銷售公司和長期的貿易合作夥伴,並且在德國、愛爾蘭、羅馬尼亞和美國擁有自己管理和控制的產品生產基地。自2013年以來,Sennheiser公司開始由Daniel Sennheiser和Dr. Andreas Sennheiser共同管理,成為了家族企業的第三代管理者。在2017年,Sennheiser集團的整體營業額達到了6.667億歐元。