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At ISE 2018, taking place from February 6-9 at RAI Amsterdam Convention Center, Sennheiser will be presenting its business solutions portfolio, focusing on the topic of digital workflows. The audio specialist will show software that facilitates the daily work of IT and AV professionals as well as end-users, including the latest version of Sennheiser Control Cockpit software for simpler operation, control and servicing of Sennheiser microphones. In addition to the SpeechLine Digital Wireless System, the new update brings full control of other microphone solutions such as the Digital 6000 and the evolution wireless G3 series. In a Live Demo Room, visitors can get hands on and try the latest Sennheiser products for meeting events in a realistic setup. Meanwhile, to learn more about key developments in digital communication, a program of presentations and lectures will be taking place in the Speaker’s Corner. Visit Sennheiser at Booth 2-B50 to experience the future of business communication.

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In today’s work environment, efficient communication is the key to success, and there is still a huge scope of opportunity to enhance both physical and virtual meetings through better technology solutions. This is why Sennheiser is further unlocking the potential of its business solutions portfolio through powerful yet easy-to-use software that drives productivity – a mission best expressed by the motto for this year’s ISE exhibition, “Digital Workflow by Sennheiser”.

Sennheiser Control Cockpit update: Take full control of all your microphones

Enterprises and educational institutions spend a lot of time and money servicing their microphone solutions manually. Checking the battery status and function of each device can be a challenge when microphones are dispersed among conference rooms, offices or auditoriums. The Sennheiser Control Cockpit software simplifies this process and now allows digital access to microphone systems such as Digital 6000 or the ew G3 series.

Operability and user-friendliness have been paramount in developing Sennheiser Control Cockpit, which has been continuously enhanced through close dialogue with users. As a result, users don’t have to adjust to the system, but the system can be seamlessly integrated into their preferred workflow, simplifying routine activities with digital control functions. The integrated dashboard gives an immediate overview of all microphones in the system so it’s easy for the user to rapidly assess the current status, while the real-time interaction between hardware and software allows system settings to be changed via remote access. Should a single microphone develop an issue, push messaging alerts the team member responsible who, in most cases, can address the situation from afar. This workflow optimization saves an organization time and money, while also improving the experience of employees.

“Shaping the future of digital communication – that is our aspiration as a leading audio specialist. We are continuously improving the software of our business solutions through innovation and the feedback of our clients to make corporate processes smoother and faster,” said Andy Niemann, Director Business Communication at Sennheiser. “The business world is constantly changing and the classic model of the traditional office is slowly disappearing with the rise of portable workspaces, flexible working hours and mobile technology. Our clients are at the heart of this evolution and we are helping them seize the opportunities it creates through communication tools that answer their changing needs.”

Sennheiser will be showing selected business solutions for desktop communication, meetings & conferences, presentations and visitor information at its booth at ISE. Three dedicated areas will offer exclusive live events: The Speaker’s Corner will offer a range of presentations and solutions covering the field of digital communication. In the Live Demo Room, visitors can test microphones and systems for meetings and listen to lectures by a compelling line-up of both internal and external speakers. Last but not least, the TeamConnect Ceiling Virtual Reality Experience will show the advantages of a ceiling microphone that is able to fully automatically align towards the speaker in a conference room.

Experience unique conferences: TeamConnect Ceiling with beamforming technology

The TeamConnect Ceiling microphone offers a completely new dimension of audio conferences. Its unique feature is its innovative, fully automatic beamforming technology. This is enabled by 29 single, omnidirectional microphones that align automatically towards the speaker, ensuring optimum speech intelligibility for phone calls and online meetings. This gives the speaker freedom of movement during their presentation. Conference rooms equipped with the TeamConnect Ceiling can thus be used flexibly, without the need to manually adjust microphones. At ISE, visitors can experience TeamConnect Ceiling first-hand in the Live Demo Room and in the “TeamConnect Ceiling Virtual Reality Experience”.

“Digital Workflow by Sennheiser” at ISE

Learn more about digital workflows and enter a new world of business communications with Sennheiser. Just visit us at ISE (from 6 to 9 February) at booth 2-B50 at RAI Amsterdam. Please find the complete schedule for the Live Demo Room and the Speaker’s Corner, as well as further information about Sennheiser’s attendance at ISE at: https://en-de.sennheiser.com/ise


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