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02/07/2015 Wedemark

IdeenExpo 2015: Exciting Sound Experiences with Sennheiser

A "laser harp", a "tumbling loudspeaker" and a lot more. At this year’s IdeenExpo, which is taking place from 4 to 12 July at the fairgrounds in Hannover, Sennheiser is once again presenting a number of exciting exhibits on the subject of sound and technology that will amaze the visitors and encourage them to join in. The audio specialist will also provide information on its range of apprenticeship and cooperative study programmes.

This is already the fifth time for Sennheiser to engage in Germany’s biggest fair for science and technology, which follows the motto “High Five with the Future” this year. Covering an area of around 100,000 square metres, IdeenExpo offers plenty of space to find out about numerous exciting projects from companies from all kinds of sectors and to get detailed information on employment perspectives. “For years now, IdeenExpo has impressively shown how young people can be enthused about science and technology in a playful manner,” explained Stefanie Mehlbauer, Manager Vocational Training of Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG. “We look forward to conveying our own passion – the pursuit of perfect sound – in person and with some very special exhibits.”

Experiencing the phenomenon of sound
The Sennheiser stand (SP-03) in Hall 9 presents five different exhibits to the visitors. One highlight is the “Laser Harp”, which was jointly developed by Sennheiser trainees and Bernstein Senso-Plus GmbH. This instrument can be used to compose your own tunes simply by moving your fingers – as the “strings” of the harp consist only of laser beams. When the beams are interrupted, various musical sounds are generated on a keyboard connected to the harp. The second exhibit invites visitors to play with small gadgets, so-called “mogees”, which are fixed to various surfaces. If these surfaces are caused to vibrate by knocking, stroking or hitting them, the mogees generate different sounds using a smartphone or tablet app, depending on the type of surface involved.

With their “Tumbling Loudspeaker”, Sennheiser trainees explain the stroboscope effect using the membrane of a loudspeaker. Vibrating at a constant frequency and irregularly illuminated by LEDs, the speakers seem to tumble through the air. In the “Vortex Generator”, a tube with a loudspeaker membrane fitted to one end is filled with fog from a fog machine. When the membrane starts to vibrate, the fog is instantly compressed and a ring of fog shoots out of the other, tapered end of the tube. In the final exhibit, visitors can enjoy an unusual party experience called “Silent Disco”. Everyone can hear the same music, but not through loudspeakers. Instead, each person listens to the music through their own wireless Sennheiser headphones – a very special experience.

Information on career opportunities
Sennheiser also contributed to the stage programme at IdeenExpo. As part of the new "beatsby" format on BühneSieben, a Sennheiser trainee provides visitors with up-to-date information on career opportunities and the company as a whole. In the "X-Ponat" format, the mogees exhibit will also be presented on BühneSieben on two dates.

Those who are interested in a cooperative study programme at Sennheiser can also get information during a personal chat with trainers and apprentices at the exhibition stand. Whether it is about a career as an electronics engineer for devices and systems, a mechatronics engineer, an industrial mechanical engineer specialising in precision engineering or an industrial management assistant, the Sennheiser team is there to answer all kinds of questions. "We are very proud of the fact that we create around ten to fifteen apprenticeships at our headquarters in Wedemark every year," said Stefanie Mehlbauer. "The fact that we train many of our specialists ourselves is part of our company's recipe for success."

Sennheiser 4 Kids
For all those who cannot make it to IdeenExpo this year, Sennheiser is presenting the project "Sennheiser 4 Kids" at On the website, children from the age of six as well as teenagers can find a total of eleven experiments and exhibits that they can build, enabling them to examine and enjoy the exciting phenomenon of sound whenever they like.

Visit Sennheiser at Stand SP-03 in Hall 9.

Sennheiser dates as part of the IdeenExpo stage programme:
04.07.2015: beatsby – Sennheiser; 3.30 p.m.; BühneSieben
07.07.2015: beatsby – Sennheiser; 2.30 p.m.; BühneSieben
08.07.2015: X-Ponat – Sennheiser; 11 a.m.; BühneSieben
10.07.2015: X-Ponat – Sennheiser; 3 p.m.; BühneSieben


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