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14/12/2016 Wedemark

A winning combination of design and sound performance

Audio specialist Sennheiser has received three accolades at the prestigious German Design Awards. Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless was awarded the “Gold” label for best product design in the Computer and Communication category, while the HD 630VB and RS 185 headphones received “Special Mention” commendations for design in the Entertainment category.

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The prestigious German Design Award is the international prize of the German Design Council. Awarded annually by an international panel of industry experts, the German Design Awards aim to discover, showcase and honour unique and ground-breaking trends in communications and product design from around the world. For the 2017 edition, there were more than 4000 entries, around half of which were submitted to be considered in the Excellent Product Design category.

TeamConnect Wireless - mobile conferencing for online meetings

Honored by the German Design jury with a “Gold” award for international design excellence in the Computer and Communication category, Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Wireless is the first wireless, go-anywhere conferencing solution for online meetings. It provides incredible ease of use so that anyone can set up a professional sounding conference in virtually any arrangement. Users can connect their own Bluetooth device wirelessly with NFC. Wired connections are also possible via USB and jack cable. Alongside the current carry case option an alternative charging base for permanent meeting rooms is also available.

TeamConnect Wireless pairs leading edge technical innovation and functionality with high-end aesthetics that appear at home in even the most prestigious office environments. Use of premium materials such as glass and aluminium makes the system tough enough to take anywhere, while conveying unmistakable business class elegance.

“We are very honored to win a gold award for TeamConnect Wireless. It is a product with which we have truly sought to redefine the category – by bringing together world-class design and state of the art conferencing technology to improve the experience of ad hoc conferencing,” said Jens Werner, Portfolio Manager, Business Communication, Sennheiser.

The German Design Award caps a golden year for Sennheiser`s TeamConnect Wireless. Since its launch in since its launch in February 2016, it has been honored with the prestigious Best of ISE Show award and received a prestigious Red Dot Design - Best of the Best Award 2016 – the highest accolade for outstanding product design at the internationally renown Red Dot awards.

Accolade for audiophile sound on the move

The HD 630VB is Sennheiser’s first closed-back audiophile headphone – an innovative product that received a “Special Mention” commendation in the Entertainment category.

One of the latest additions to Sennheiser’s family of audiophile headphones, the HD 630VB is a unique product that proves that audiophile sound can be taken virtually anywhere. It delivers a balanced, spatial sound in a circumaural closed-back design with passive noise cancelling that helps insulate the listener from ambient noise for a distraction-free listening experience. A rotary bass dial allows the listener to customise the bass response according to their personal preferences.

Developed in cooperation with the Berlin-based design studio, nr21 DESIGN, the HD 630VB follows Sennheiser’s clean and contemporary design ethos – combining great comfort, take-anywhere durability and desirable good looks. The headphones feature a collapsible design for easy portability.

A new standard in digital wireless home audio

Another German Design Award “Special Mention” was received by Sennheiser’s RS 185 – a headphone system designed to offer an attractive, premium wireless solution for music lovers seeking a high fidelity listening experience.

The headphones and transmitters were designed in cooperation with the Kiel-based design studio Brennwald Design, and feature a discrete, premium aesthetic that aligns form and function with clean elegant lines. The headphones’ open, around-ear design provides excellent levels of comfort for even long periods of use. Similarly uncompromised is the sound quality, with the RS 185 offering incredibly detailed, uncompressed sound for optimal wire-free HiFi-listening even as you wander from room to room.

A winning combination of innovation and premium design

With wins and accolades at prominent design awards around the world, Sennheiser’s further success at the German Design Awards reflects the company’s vision to “Shape the Future of Audio”. Oliver Berger, Head of Global Design Management at Sennheiser, explains that this objective that can be seen not only in the company’s technical accomplishments in sound, but also in every aspect of design excellence. “Ultimately, we are committed to develop products that anticipate and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. We are seeking to create products designed to delight by how they perform, how they feel, and also what they say, and which bring these dimensions together with integrity and purity. We are therefore delighted to see Sennheiser products honored at such a renown forum for design.”

About The German Design Award
The German Design Award is the top international prize of the German Design Council. Its goal: to discover, present and honor unique design trends. Every year, top-quality entries from product and communication design are rewarded, all of which are in their own way ground-breaking in the international design landscape.

Established in 2012, the international German Design Award is already one of the best-known design competitions in the world and is held in high regard in professional circles and beyond. An international judging panel made up of subject-matter experts for each category carry out intensive tests, checks and discussions to identify the products that stand out with design quality.


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