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MKE 2 elements – Interview with Ryan Knapton

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Ryan, you are a snowboarder who is well-known for his snowboarding tutorials on YouTube. Is this your main profession?

Hopefully soon! But yeah, as of now the YouTube earnings aren’t enough to live on so I work at Surfboards.com in Denver when I’m not snowboarding.

How did you get hooked on snowboarding? What do you like especially about this sport?

I started in 1988… I already skateboarded, and saw it a bit in some of the skateboard magazines… and knew it was for me. Almost 30 years later and I’m more addicted to it than ever!

You put a lot of effort and time in your YouTube channel. What inspired you to share your expertise in videos?

Yeah, I put pretty much my whole winter into shredding and putting that and snowboard tutorials on my channel. At first I just wanted to share some of the unique things I do, and make tutorials for them… and now that the channel keeps growing and I’m making some money from it, I keep making more vids to keep it growing, and I’m really having the most fun riding I’ve ever had with doing it!

In general, snowboarding has gotten completely insane with quad-corks and gnarly rails, and I think it’s disconnected the average person who likes riding, but has no interest in trying the most extreme stuff. My videos are mostly of carving, flatland buttering tricks, tricks you can do anywhere on the mountain, that most people can actually relate to, and actually have it help their riding. I get a ton of nice comments from people thanking me for helping their riding though my vids, and that really stokes me out… to know that I’m helping others get the feeling that I get while snowboarding, definitely inspires me to keep on going with making more and more vids.

You have tried out the MKE 2 elements action mic – what were your experiences with it? How would you rate the audio capture? Did it add something extra to your footage?

The MKE 2 elements action mic ROCKS! Previously I had to mute almost 100% of my GoPro audio due to how bad it was. Now the audio finally adds that missing element and captures the actual sounds of what’s happening. And other than it capturing the ‘action’ aspect of the audio during snowboarding, I’m finally able to also do tutorials with the narration right on the mountain. Previously I had to do all the narration as another project and combined them during editing. It’s definitely taken my own production to the Next Level and I can’t imagine going back to not being able to use it! So THANK YOU Sennheiser!

If you could go snowboarding anywhere in the world – what would you be your dream destination?

There’s really no specific places… but anywhere with big wide open runs on a sunny day is what gets me stoked to shred and play around on my snowboard.


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