MD 421-II
A legendary cardioid mic with clear sound reproduction. Easy handling due to its directivity. For most recording conditions and broadcast applications
HK$ 2,993.00
物品編號 000984
MD 421-II
HK$ 2,993.00

MD 421 II 是一款全球聞名的咪高峰。其非凡的音質,可以應對各種各樣的錄音環境和廣播應用。它的五段低音控制,增強了總體音質。顏色:黑色,入聲口吊架:精鋼,黑色。

  • 堅固的專業咪高峰

  • 五段低音滾降開關

  • 高效的回音抑制能力

  • 清晰的聲音重放

  • 指向性明顯,操作方便

Experience the Sennheiser Difference

Experience the Sennheiser Difference

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  • 1 只MD 421 II
  • 1個用於3/±8”螺紋的咪高峰夾
Product Support Phone

Product Phone

  • Does the MD 421-II require 48V Phantom Power?

    The MD 421-II is a dynamic microphone and does not require 48V Phantom Power to operate.

  • Will the presence of 48V Phantom Power affect the MD 421-II?
    The MD 421-II does not require 48V Phantom Power to operate however the presence of 48V Phantom Power should not adversely affect the operation of the MD 421-II.

  • What is the maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for the MD 421-II?

    It is a common saying that dynamic microphones just have no maximum SPL.

    This saying is not technically exactly correct but for every day use of dynamic microphones you will not find gain limitations. At SPL levels above 160 dB some mechanical problems might occur (for example the voice coil might crash onto the magnet) but these SPL levels are very hard to find in real world.

    Here at Sennheiser we use dynamic microphones for distortion measurements on loudspeakers at very high sound pressure levels. At Sennheiser we have measured the SPL and THD inside a large 2" driver/horn combination with a MD 421. The max SPL this combination was able to produce was 150 dB and the THD level recorded by a MD 421 was below 1% (produced by the driver not by the mic)

    So as a conclusion we can state the MD 421-II has no maximum SPL limitations for practical use. However if using dynamic microphones at high SPL levels a user should be aware that the very high voltage (up to several volts) delivered by the microphone might cause problems when connected to mic preamps.


  • 特性列表
    • Product specification - MD 421-II (330 KB) 下載

  • EU Declaration of Conformity
    • EU Declaration of conformity MD Series (660 KB) 下載

  • 快速指南
    • 使用说明书 - MD 421-II (530 KB) 下載

  • High Resolution Images
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  • 安全指南
    • Safety Guide MD microphones (510 KB) 下載