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Extron產品是專為協同工作而設計的,與IT基礎架構配合,組成完整的無縫協作技術解決方案。超過5,000個產品,Extraon的產品線具有廣泛的適用性,為系統設計人員提供了上佳解決方案的靈活性,適應每一種應用環境和類型的需求。 Extron已經為一些Sennheiser的產品開發並提供了控制驅動程序。產品詳細信息和具體驅動程序的下載由Extron提供。

Compatible Sennheiser Products

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The new ceiling array microphone offers superior audio quality for voice and video conferences thanks to its automatic adaptive beamforming technology. It provides the greatest versatility and interoperability with control driver from Extron.

SpeechLine Digital Wireless

The world’s first digital wireless microphone exclusively for speech. No audio know-how is required – it’s already built in. Experience Simplicity with Sennheiser SpeechLine Digital Wireless Microphones.

ADN Wired and Wireless

Sennheiser ADN-Wired and wireless conference microphones work seamlessly with Extron control drivers, making the microphone easy to operate even in the most challenging environments.

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Sennheiser Global Alliances

Sennheiser Global Alliances

Sennheiser全球聯盟是由眾多科技領先的公司所組成的戰略同盟。該聯盟擁有共同的目標-那就是將你的日常工作化繁為簡。我們為此提供一站式應用解決方案,以滿足你在商務活動中信息通訊的需求。 更多細節