Noise cancelling Earbuds

CX 300-II Precision Black

Get a powerful, dynamic sound with big bass response in a stylish, custom-fit ear canal phones. An asymmetrical cable provides freedom of movement and the included carrying pouch avoids tangles in transit.
物品編號 502737


CX 300 II Precision 入耳式耳塞不僅有強勁動感的低音,還有更高的清晰度和增強的動態範圍。不同尺碼的耳部適配器(大/中/小)不僅可以讓每個人都能舒適佩戴,而且確保了對環境噪聲較高的阻抑效果。不對稱的長短線設計讓你在外出時的佩戴更加舒適。


  • 高品質動圈式揚聲器單元,強勁、帶有動感低音的立體聲

  • 與耳道的完美貼合,增強對環境噪聲的阻抑效果(附送不同尺碼的耳部適配器

  • 隨盒附送耳機袋

  • 為MP3、iPod、iPhone、CD播放器和掌上型遊戲機優化(iPod 和iPhone 是Apple 公司在美國和其它國家註冊的商標)

  • 不對稱的耳機線

  • 2年保養


  • CX 300 II Precision Black 耳塞
  • 耳部適配器(大/中/小)
  • 便攜包


  • 顏色
  • 佩戴方式
  • 阻抗
    16 Ω
  • 頻率響應(耳機)
    19 - 21000 Hz
  • 声压级
    113 dB
  • 插頭
    3.5 mm
  • 線長
    1.2 m
  • 換能原理


  • Foam Ear Adapters

    A good source for foam ear adapters for the majority of Sennheiser ear bud models is a company called Comply Foam (

    CX 300-II Precision ( #502737 )
  • Why is one ear bud cable is longer than the other?

    Some ear buds models (like the CX 300-II) feature cables where one side of the cable is longer than the other. These are called "asymmetrical" cables and is a deliberate design by Sennheiser.

    The longer side of the cable goes behind the neck to the other side of the head and into the ear so instead of having a two cables hang in front of a user in a "Y" configuration an asymmetrical configuration only has one single cable that is off to the side where it is out of the way.  It is recommended to route the cable above the ear and then down into the ear canal.  The cable exiting the ear bud should be pointing up.

    CX 300-II Precision ( #502737 )


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  • EU Declaration of Conformity
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