Get the most out of Cortana with your new headset

Cortana is a voice-controlled personal assistant who makes life easier, providing you with answers, reminders and help with other daily tasks. With a Cortana certified headset from Sennheiser, you’ll always get the most out of your conversations, thanks to crystal clear communication that makes sure you’re always understood.

Work or play, clear communication is crucial

Cortana is smart, but she’s only as good as the questions you ask or the instruction you give.

Sennheiser headsets deliver a precise, clear and recognisable sound, so your voice comes through clearly, making it easier for Cortana to understand what you need.

Business products

Sennheiser headsets for business professionals work with Cortana to deliver you a crystal clear sound experience. Noise-cancelling microphone technology filters out ambient noise for optimal speech clarity even in noisy environments.

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Gaming products

Talk to Cortana with crystal clarity, no matter how you play. All our gaming headsets include noise-cancelling technology, picking up your voice, and not the sounds around you. Making it easier for Cortana to understand your commands.

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