Unobstrusive antenna for wall and tripod mounting for SL DW
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With the AWM 2, the antennas can be installed in an optimum way and nearly invisible, in case the stationary receiver shall be invisible or needs to be further away. It can be easily mounted on a mobile microphone tripod or permanently installed on a wall.


  • Unobtrusive antenna wall or tripod mounting

  • Robust metal housing


  • AWM 2


  • 評論
    Mounting: 3/8” internal thread at the bottom for tripod attachment as well as two 9 mm (0.35”) mounting holes at the rear for wall attachment.


  • 用戶指導手冊
    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (PDF) (7.7 MB) 下載

      Printable PDF version of the interactive system documentation of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series.

    • Instruction manual SpeechLine Digital Wireless (HTML) 下載

      Information on the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system and instructions on how to install and operate the components of SpeechLine Digital Wireless

  • Technical Drawings
    • Outline dimensions AWM 2 (DWG) (79 KB) 下載

    • Outline dimensions AWM 2 (DXF) (430 KB) 下載

    • 3D model AWM 2 (1 MB) 下載

  • 特性列表
    • System Specification SpeechLine Digital Wireless (530 KB) 下載

    • Product Specification AWM 2 (180 KB) 下載

  • Application Notes
    • Application Note Antenna Mounting (2 MB) 下載

      Important information and recommendations on antennas for SpeechLine Digital Wireless