AMBEO for Podcasts

Enhance your podcasts storytelling with immersive audio elements.

Immersive audio can be used in multiple ways to tell compelling stories. The sense of position, proximity, reality, location, as well as music and voice placement can enhance your podcast production to the next level: creating unique binaural podcasts.


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The narrative voice is the essence of every podcast which is usually captured through a large-diaphragm condenser microphone. But think about how you could augment this standard podcast experience by working with additional audio elements, like ambient sound, atmospheres and even interviews. Using spatial audio microphones for this purpose can be a great benefit.

The spherical sound image recorded with the AMBEO VR Mic includes all audio elements of the scene. This can bring the audience closer to the acoustic scene giving awareness of the space you are in. Sennheiser has partnered with field recorder manufacturers for an easy, seamless workflow to record these additional elements.

If you don’t have the AMBEO VR Mic at hand, you can still enhance your podcast by recording additional elements in mono or stereo and then use the AMBEO Orbit plugin in the mixing process.



To convert the signal of the AMBEO VR Mic to an immersive binaural stereo signal, we suggest using the dearVR AMBI MICRO. This plugin outputs binaural audio for you to integrate in the podcast mix as additional elements.

To process additional elements that you have recorded in mono or stereo, we encourage you to use the AMBEO Orbit plugin. Even though you won’t get the same holistic sound field as with the AMBEO VR Mic, this can greatly enhance the experience.



Podcasts that are mixed in this way will essentially just be binaural stereo files. So they can be streamed and downloaded from any podcast platform. Just bear in mind that the experience will be best over headphones, so please make sure your audience is aware of that.



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