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When simple speech transports vital information, speech intelligibility is not just another benefit - it's a necessity. Transducers and microphones in Sennheiser headsets for air traffic control are dedicated to capturing and reproducing the human voice with absolute precision.

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Product Overview

SC 200 Series

Ultra lightweight, robust headsets designed with all day comfort and maximum durability.

SC 600 Series

Very lightweight, premium quality headsets with superb sound, durability and comfort.

HME/HMD 27 Series

Lightweight, premium-quality headsets with closed circum-aural ear cups for good passive sound attenuation.

HME 110 Series

Premium-quality headsets with exceptional passive sound attenuation, uncompromising sound performance and comfort.

HMEC 26 Series

Lightweight, closed and supra-aural headset with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) NoiseGard™ professional.


Hearing protection

During the course of a day, Air Traffic Controllers may be exposed to seldom, but hazardous incoming noises that can be dangerous to the hearing. Technically referred to as a sound burst, this can potentially cause long-lasting damage to the human ear. To safeguard users, all Sennheiser headsets for Air Traffic Control (ATC) are equipped with the innovative ActiveGard® technology.

As long as ATC operators continuously use headsets without ActiveGard®, unexpected noise peaks can lead to irreversible consequences, from headaches and tinnitus problems to acoustic shocks or even total hearing loss. For that reason, the current EU directives regarding workplace security prescribe the protection of employees from acoustic shock.

Hearing protection