Sennheiser Control Cockpit Software

SpeechLine Digital無線控制軟件

Sennheiser Control Cockpit是整個SpeechLine Digital Wireless系統的中央軟件,可以輕松進行處理、控制和維護。

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is the revolutionary key component of the whole SpeechLine Digital Wireless system and is designed and optimized for corporate and educational applications. As central software, the Sennheiser Control Cockpit allows even easier handling, control and maintenance of all SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices within the network.


The easy-to-use Sennheiser Control Cockpit software provides a global overview of all network enabled SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices at any time. It shows all relevant status information at a glance and makes setting adjustments for one or multiple devices at the same time very easy. Using the location view or the integrated search function allows for easiest device identification. The devices page provides a comprehensive overview of all devices and their location, device type and key information such as battery life times.


The Sennheiser Control Cockpit software is browser-based and can be opened on all laptops or tablets that are connected to the same network as the host PC and the SpeechLine Digital Wireless devices to be operated. As a result, the software allows you to easily manage a building-wide setup with hundreds of microphones with any iOS, Android, Mac or Windows device with very low efforts. The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is free of charge and compatible with any host PC running Windows 7 upwards.

* To work with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit, SpeechLine DW devices have to have a firmware 2.1.0 or higher. All devices, the host PC and all clients must be in the same network range.

Software Overview

  • Sennheiser的Control Cockpit軟件1.3版功能

    • - 監聽顯示:
      - SMS(短信息)/電子郵件推送提醒和提醒設置:
      在Control Cockpit 軟件設置時,除了能夠對整個系統進行總覽之外,我們的軟件還支持電子郵件的推送提醒和SMS短信息的提醒功能,從而為重要的事件發生或是狀態變化進行通知和提示。
      - 硬件篩選功能:

      - 電池健康程度和電池循環次數可以在自定義的列中進行顯示。
      - 可以在位置列表中搜索房間/會議室。
      - 通過與更新服務器的連接,你可以手動上傳固件圖像檔案。
      - 通過IP網段,以及通過CSV文件導入來手動「增加設備」。

  • Sennheiser Control Cockpit 1.2版本的新特性

    • 可以手動指定主接收機,為苛刻條件下的多空間/多通道設置提高穩定性。

  • Sennheiser Control Cockpit Release 1.1.0 Features

    • - Localization of the Sennheiser Control Cockpit in English, French, Spanish and German manually or via browser
      - Notification System – Display of notifications and alerts that allow preventive action, e. g. battery alerts
      - Event log – Easy tracking of past notifications and alerts
      - Built-in update wizzard – Automatic notifications when a new firmware or a new Sennheiser Control Cockpit release is available, updates are done in a snap – without admin rights for installation.*
      - Support of CHG 4N Network Charger –The CHG 4N provides 360° monitoring of SpeechLine Digital Wireless that allows you to monitor the charging status of microphones while they are not in use.
      - Support of SL Tablestand 133-S DW and SL Tablestand 153-S DW – New transmitter type especially made for podium discussions, speeches and lectures as well as ad hoc press conferences.**
      - “Custom” column in device overview – As a power tool for power users, the “Custom” column provides an overview of selectable information such as firmware revision, RF-Sync state or IP Addresses or whatever is currently of interest.

      * Requires internet access on host-computer
      ** Requires SL DW System Firmware 2.3.1 or higher

  • Sennheiser Control Cockpit Release 1.0 Features

    • - Status monitoring of all microphones within a network (audio, wireless link quality, battery, network, settings)
      - On-site or remote control of all settings of a device
      - Responsive Design – outstanding usability on any mobile device running iOS, Android or Windows
      - Global system statistics – overview of the system status with key information at a glance
      - Easy device identification – naming, localization and paging function for all devices
      - Location list with room overview
      - Search and filter functions – fast identification and detection of devices and settings
      - Easiest set up of devices on-site or remote
      - Bulk edit – Simultaneous configuration of several or all devices
      - Built-in help function – Info sections provide information for seamless familiarization
      - Built-in interactive manual with search function for detailed information
      - Firmware Updates – Easily keep all devices up to date and equip them with the latest features

  • System requirements

    • The Sennheiser Control Cockpit software must be installed on a host PC that meets the following system requirements:

      Minimum requirements
      - Intel i5 Dual Core processor or similar
      - 4 GB RAM
      - 10 GB hard disk space
      - 100 Mbit LAN interface
      - Windows 7 or higher
      - IPv4 network

      - Intel i7 Dual Core processor or similar
      - 16 GB RAM
      - 20 GB hard disk space
      - Gigabit LAN interface
      - Windows 10 Pro
      - IPv4 network

      Client Browser:
      - Google Chrome 47 or higher
      - Mozilla Firefox 43 or higher
      - JavaScript must be activated

      We constantly strive to improve and optimize our software. With each release, we will add new features, optimize the performance as well as add support for additional systems.


  • Application Software
    • Sennheiser Control Cockpit - Version (95 MB) 下載

      Installer for the Sennheiser Control Cockpit v1.3.1

  • Spec Sheets
    • Product Specification Sennheiser Control Cockpit.pdf (180 KB) 下載

  • Instruction Manual
    • Instruction manual Sennheiser Control Cockpit 下載

      Information on how to install, open and use the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software

  • Firmware Updates
    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware (1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 2.2.1 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware (1 MB) 下載

      Firmware Version 2.3.1 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • SpeechLine Digital Wireless Firmware (990 KB) 下載

      Firmware Version 2.4.0 for SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL Rack Receiver DW)

    • CHG 4N Firmware (180 KB) 下載

      Firmware Version 1.1.0 for the CHG 4N charger of the SpeechLine Digital Wireless series