Rodolphe Alexis

AMBEO Expert Stories

Audio Augmented Reality and Field Recording

For my field recordings in protected areas of Southeast Asia, I used Ambeo VR not because I wanted to create 3D videos. My intention was rather to use the material for a geolocated audio application on smartphones.

I initiated this comprehensive project in cooperation with the NGO Opération Canopée in the context of a residence with the Institut Français of Paris with the intention of acoustically documenting primary forests and interpreting musical patterns in the sounds of nature.

The research for this (which will probably extend to future expeditions) would not have been possible without the valuable support of the The National University of Arts and Culture in Yangon and the organisations Fauna & Flora International in Myanmar, The Gibbon Experience in Laos and Kalaweit in Indonesia.

I am familiar with the MKH series, characterised by a high microphone sensitivity, a great signal-to-noise ratio and excellent moisture resistance (which is perfect for nature recordings), so I had some concerns about using the Ambeo VR alongside an IRT cross and a classic stereo microphone. Above all, I wondered how well the microphone would work in the tropical zone, where temperatures and humidity are very high.

„But from humid grottos to dusty-hot dunes, from swamps during the monsoon to the high canopy – the AMBEO VR Mic has never disappointed me. “
Rodolphe Alexis

Adjustments are quick and easy, and it proves to be very robust. Even the delicate cables are much more durable than it seems. For field use, I also appreciate that the microphone is so compact and easy to set up despite its weight a bit heavy.

I already knew that I could expect good results for nearby events – like performances of small traditional music ensembles. However, I was a little sceptical about using the microphone in the open field for more distant sound sources, for which one would rather use a non-coincident stereo system, with a difference based on time rather than intensity.
But the Ambeo VR mic convinced me with its low intrinsic noise and exceptional sound quality for a microphone of its price range.

The B format’s possibilities for downmixing are unbeatable: It is flexible and provides the option to change the hearing angles in post-production.

In addition to traditional broadcast productions, I am starting to use the B-format for multi-channel installations and audio solutions in the development of mobile apps.

Rodolphe Alexis

As a sound designer and sound engineer, his practice takes on various forms that are in dialogue with other fields of art (installation, sculpture, performance, radio).

As a teacher, he works in art and music schools and coordinates the creation of the AR audio platform for museum and artist projects.

And as an associate curator of the Mu collective, he participates in various electro-acoustic projects and is developing a personal method for field recording.

His current sound project in Southeast Asia has been supported by the Scam and the Hors les Murs program of the Institut Français.


Henrik Oppermann

Henrik Oppermann是Sound at Visualise的負責人。他是一位知名的3D音頻專家,Henrik將會分享他為電影、廣告、音樂產業客戶以及3D音響安裝等方面所做的數十年以來的現場錄音經驗。

Michael Engman Rønnow


Côme Jalibert

Côme Jalibert在2002年作為一名音響工程師和音響設計師開始工作。他對於沉浸感聲音效果非常著迷,並且做了大量的環繞聲實驗。通過這些工作,他希望聲音除了聽之外應該更關注於感受。他一直致力於電影、電視的聲音製作,最近則更多專注於眾多視頻遊戲、媒體轉換和VR等工作。他最為值得注意的工作包括為電影Minuscule, The Valley of the Lost Ants擔任音響設計,以及Phallaina的聲場空間創造,用於觸摸屏的第一部滾動式圖像小說。

Nicolas Büchi

Nicolas Büchi (*1982)是蘇黎世大學藝術學院設計系塑形/視聽媒體專業的一名科技研究員。

Thomas Rechberger


Fabian Knauber

作為一名經驗豐富的聲學專家,Fabian Knauber具有大量的室內聲學理論知識,以及3D音頻和雙耳聲方面的知識,同時作為一名音頻技術工程人員的他,能夠將其豐富的實踐經驗與理論知識相結合。除了現場擴聲以及錄音室製作之外,它的專業技術核心領域還包括講解基於揚聲器安裝的3D音頻,以及虛擬現實的3D音頻製作。

Stephen Vitiello

Stephen Vitiello is an electronic musician and media artist. CD releases have been published by New Albion Records, Sub Rosa, 12k and Room 40. His sound installations and multi-channel works are in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon.

Little Konzett

Little Konzett is an Austrian producer, recording, mix and mastering engineer, musician and owner of „Little Big Beat Studios“. The studios are based in the Western part of Austria and in Liechtenstein.